Todos admirarán el hermoso exterior de la nueva Ram 1500 2013. Pero el interior es todo tuyo. Desde las pantallas y los indicadores hasta las
costuras, es la experiencia de manejo Ram más sofisticada hasta ahora.

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Ryan: Guys who drive Ram trucks, they’re working guys. They’re used to the weather, the rain, the sleet, the snow.

My job is to create an atmosphere to make these guys feel comfortable. I always tell my team to imagine if you were outside working, 100-degree temperatures, 10 hours a day. What would you want the interior of your truck to feel like?

So here are some of the materials we put in the 2013 Ram 1500. As you go up through the model lineup, what you’re going to notice is that we have that much more differentiation between the models. So almost every single price class has different finishes in terms of materials and paint finishes. What it really starts to do is set up a uniqueness throughout the entire lineup. So we’ve improved materials on the doors. We’ve improved the seats. So you get to things like our seating cloth. So we actually have two new seating materials for the SLT. It’s got a nice touch and feel to the hand, but it’s still robust enough. We’ve even got something pretty cool on our Sport where through the perf you actually have a little bit of color coming through. So when you see the perf holes, you actually look through and see some of that accent color. You get into some finishes like our vents, and our Sport’s more of that city truck, you’ve got black chrome, you’ve got nice high gloss black finishes. One of the really cool things is on our new 2013 Longhorn we’ve added real wood. Real wood is actually more of an open pore real wood, which is really cool. The wood is actually from a European source. The trees are used as fence posts, so they wrap barbed wire fence around them. Over the years, that barbed wire gets engulfed into the wood. The wood then starts to swirl around and create this burling effect. So as you can see through the lineup, there’s tons of stuff out here, we’ve got a lot of uniqueness in the interior. So with that said, let’s go see how this looks in the truck.

I’ve worked on cars too, but this is really different. You always have to remember that this is a truck. Big giant knobs; easy to use. Not too many swoopy curves on the interior. Let’s start with the doors. That’s the first thing you’re going to notice.

We’ve wrapped them in leather; we’ve even got real wood.

I’m absolutely obsessed with these doors.

Whenever you design a truck interior, you have to compliment that truck’s mechanical nature.

This is especially true when you put in the Torque-Flight-8, 8-speed transmission. Because it requires electric shifting, as opposed to mechanical linkage, we couldn’t use a conventional shifter. So here’s what we came up with.

Totally different from any other truck. Big, bold, intuitive. 4 positions. You don’t even have to look. You can just feel it. Big trucks have had these types of controls forever. We’re the first pick-up truck to do it.

We put a lot of work into the interior. We listened to our customers. It’s a sophisticated atmosphere in an extremely functional space.

But no matter how sophisticated we get, we never forget that it’s still a truck.

That makes the new 2013 Ram 1500 the perfect place for a little peace and quiet.

Pantalla multivisión de Ram 1500

Se muestra el modelo en preproducción.

Pantalla multivisión

Con un panel de instrumentos rediseñado de 6 aros disponible, en la cabina te sentirás como en casa. La pantalla premium personalizable de 7" te permite saber lo que está pasando adentro, afuera y debajo el capó.

Ram 1500 - Palanca electrónica rotativa

Palanca rotativa

Pon en marcha tu máquina con un cambio rápido de la palanca rotativa. O cambia de "Estacionar" a "Retroceder" sin tener que mirar hacia abajo, en una transición suave e intuitiva.

Ram 1500 - Uconnect

Uconnect® Sistema de acceso

El sistema de acceso Uconnect® permite que tu camioneta funcione como oficina móvil o centro de entretenimiento. La nueva pantalla táctil de 8.4" disponible ofrece características disponibles como control de temperatura interior y mapas 3D. La conectividad Bluetooth® inalámbrica, los comandos de voz y los botones en el volante hacen que tengas el control total.
Explora Uconnect Access

Ram 1500 - Interior refinado

Interior refinado

Hemos prestado especial atención a los detalles de cada superficie interior, mejorando el confort y la funcionalidad. Con nuevas telas y opciones de cuero para los asientos, un nuevo apoyabrazos suave al tacto y costuras de calidad, el interior de la Ram 1500 2013 se siente tan bien como se ve.